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We help  guide you to the success you’re destined for as an artist.

Libertas You is passionate team of individuals with a formula for creative success:

We believe that content with purpose creates a long lasting impact

Everyone has their own unique voice and vision.
We strive to bring that alive in your brand and platform.

in alignment with the above factors.


The Process

Purpose Identification 
Define Your ‘Stand Out Factors’

Get Crystal Clear on Your Goals & Vision

(subject to change on per customer basis)
Brand Strategy
Project & Concept Development
Platform Build-Out ( Find Your Team )

Success Strategy & Project Management



John Hamilton


Goal: To get 30,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, expand work with the Sacramento Kings (NBA Team), and to launch a non-profit.

Outcome: In just 6 months, John has built his Spotify monthly listeners from 5,000 to 35,000, Built a full service recording studio in the Kings Arena (fully funded)and launched and recieved funding for a music production and DJ’ing non-profit called Dept. of Sound.
“Working with Daisy and her team at Libertas has helped me efficiently execute many of my goals and see success I had never seen prior. I had reached a point in my career where I had many opportunities, but needed to hyper focus on certain things in order to achieve what I truly wanted; she and her team helped me with this. Daisy has a big picture, “life-purpose” approach to identifying purpose, setting goals, and creating a plan, but it’s also very practical … something I haven’t experienced with anyone I’ve worked with in the past. After we went laid out a plan, their confidence in me helped me knock out projects I wouldn’t have been able to do without them, and the value of having Daisy and her team oversee my progress has been invaluable.” - John Hamilton

Meghan Cox

Goal: To be in film festivals around the country, and find a tv agent.

Outcome: In just three months, Meghan was cast in an independent film that was accepted into multiple film festivals around the country.
“Working with Libertas has been a game-changer causing several breakthroughs in my work as an actress. Through their consulting I've learned how to find my intention behind everything I do, connecting me to a much deeper purpose in my work. Knowing my purpose so thoroughly allows me to be super clear, focused and fulfilled in my work. Every day I gain a stronger sense of my vision and how I am going to achieve it. It's just the beginning and I feel like I've found the keys to unlock the doors within the mansion that is me.” - Meghan Cox

Abby Feldman

Goal: Get into JFL ‘New Faces’, Get signed with her dream manager, open up for one of her an established comedian.

Outcome: In just 6 months, Abby was signed by her dream manager, accepted to JFL ‘New Faces’. (only 8 are accepted out of 10,000 hopefuls.) Abby also Opened up for Rich Vos, David Koechner, Judd Appatow and Jeff Ross.

“I have complete confidence in Libertas’ ability to manage my artistic career. They understood my drive to bring joy to the world through comedy, and are able to provide the organization, drive and resources necessary for me to reach my highest potential. In just a short time, Libertas has already given me a boost of confidence and ease as they are a sounding board for my ideas, encouraging of my potential and driven to see me succeed. I can’t believe how much I have accomplished in so little time since working with Libertas You.” - Abby Feldman


About The Founder 



Daisy O’Bryan has been trained with the top business coaches in the world on the importance of having a purpose behind all of your decisions in building your brand and career. She takes a business approach to the creative world. Her passion lies in building up creative individuals and businesses that she truly sees the potential in.